Summer beauty tips- How to keep your face from melting!

summer make up

If you are going out on a hot summer day, you will feel worried about the melting make-up from your skin. During summer, just like wearing cotton wear, you need to know what kind of make-up suits you the best. Sometimes, you will spend hours applying them, but it all goes vain in the scorching summer heat. As soon as you step out from your house, you will sweat a lot, the foundation on your face starts running, and eyeliner gets washed away by your sweat. Totally, your face will be a complete mess of make-up mixture, and you will feel agitated. Here are some of the summer make-up tips, which prevent your melting make-up in the summer into this hapless situation.

Summer make-up tips for face:

One of the golden summer make-up tips is to apply minimum make-up that makes your look better.  Avoid applying eye-liner, foundation and concealer to adjust the spots or uneven skin tone, and it makes even worse, and you will end with a melted face. Get started with a thin layer of moisturizer, and SPF protection sun screen lotion. You can go for a tinted moisturizer and a sheer coat of transparent powder finally, if you need a heavier coverage. When it comes to blush make-up, do not use dark or odd colors, use light color as nude, pale pink or bronze on your cheeks. You can use translucent tinted powder to cover the dark sports or other blemishes, and more focus on your temple, which gives a more youthful look.  

Summer make-up tips for eyes:

Choosing the right colors on a special occasion for summer Eve needs to be tear and water resistant. If you are using eye make-up products for the first time, then do not try it on that day. Beforehand, you can practice or with the help of make-up expert, you can apply it. You can use pale pink, bronze, gold, yellow and nude shades, which make your eye look elegant and natural. Instead of using glittering eye shadow primer, you can use matte shades, which define your eyes good in photos. To define your eyes, and compliment your personality, you can use a black eyeliner pencil. However, it is not compulsory, but for a delicate look, you can even try out alternative colors. Instead of using liquid eyeliner, you can use pencils or waterproof eyeliners, mascara, and other eye make-up products.

Summer make-up tips for lips:

Always carry a lip balm, and apply a coat on your lips for a stylish look in summer. It protects your lips from darkening, and drying. Instead of using glossy or shiny shades, you can use matte or light shades with a base and final coat of lip balm.

Summer time is all about partying, beach, going out for vacation, and having nice time with friends and family members.  One of the summer make-up tips for beach is to stay simple and adhere with minimum make-up.

First get started with base like anything that has SPF 20 sunscreen label or moisturizer with sunscreen. Use it on your face, neck, and over entire skin that you are going to expose it on scorching heat.  These simple tips will help you to keep make-up from melting, and always carry facial towel or tissue paper handy.

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