Make today delicious with recipes that will tempt your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for quick dinner recipes or tasty lunch ideas, you’ll find it all here — and so much more!

  • 9 Mouth-Watering Curry Recipes

    Curry can mean a lot of different things depending on where you live. But in general, it's a spicy dish of meat, seafood or vegetables served with rice. If you enjoy experimenting with spicy dishes, then Indian-style curries will pique your palate. From meat and seafood to vegetarian curries, each dish is filled with rich, satisfying flavors.


  • 6 Chicken Sensations!

    These chicken selections are spicy, traditional and give you a bang for your buck! Keep reading to find what dishes we think are at the top of the pile when it comes to tasty and sensational Indian chicken dishes!

  • 8 Palate-Pleasing Indian Appetizers

    Whether you're holding an authentic Indian dinner party, or you just enjoy Indian cuisine, you'll need plenty of yummy appetizers for your guests to munch on. Try any of these 8 Indian appetizers and you'll have a hard time making room for the main meal!

  • 9 Positively Pleasing Potato Recipes

    These are some of our favorite ways to use potatoes in Indian cooking. Whether you use these as an accompaniment to your main dish or as a starter, you will be eating some perfectly pleasing potatoes!


  • 5 Spicy Sides!

    Whether you enjoy yogurt with a touch of spice or your vegetable dishes with a hint of heat, these side dishes are the perfect accompaniments to any Indian entree.

  • 8 Perfect Prawn Recipes

    Prawns are commonly found in Indian cooking; however, many people still don't know what prawns really are. Prawns are freshwater shrimp, larger-sized shrimp or smaller variety of shellfish connected to the lobster family. No matter type of marine crustacean you're referring, for culinary purposes, prawns and shrimp are essentially the same. Here are 8 of IndianRecipe4Living's best prawn recipes. If you've never had prawns, there's never been a better time to try them!

  • 3 Tasty Summer Mango Recipes!

    A great fruit jam-packed with summer sweetness and versatility, the mango is a great addition to many Indian dishes. Check out this recipe collection to learn more about using mangoes in your cooking!

  • 5 Tangy Tomato Dishes

    Take the time to try these five tangy Indian tomato favorites!

  • 4 Sweet Entrees

    From sweet beef to sweet potato curry, we have four stunning entrees that will entice the taste buds and leave you wanting more. Read on for the top four favorites.

  • 5 Amazing Indian Appetizers

    Save time with these easy, tasty appetizers that will stun your party guests. This casual fare is perfect for a low-key party. Enjoy!

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